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Are You  Yes or No

Kategori: Diğer Dildeki Yayınlar Yazar: Erhan Özay Yayınevi: Tilki Kitap

Are You Yes or No

Tanıtım Bülteni
`I didn`t know what to say; 5-6 children sit at the same table in the dining room, eagerly waiting for my answer; I wondered if I say `Yes` or `No`?Doubtingly, a hoarse voice came out of my mouth:-    Yes...But it was wrong... There was a burst of laughter; the children were looking at each other, pointing at me, saying something loudly, laughing, guffawing. I was completely demoralized. I didn`t understand, I wanted to understand, but I could not. Confused, I stared at their silly faces, ashamed of my wrong answer. The kids didn`t care about me; they chose to make fun of me at the dinner table as entertainment.`In this book, which tells about a child who left his village at primary school age and moved to a foreign country, his struggle with a foreign language, his emotional struggle and loneliness, you will sometimes laugh and sometimes get emotional, and you will go on a journey in the inner world of that little boy... 
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